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Warren County has seen the effect of the globalization of the manufacturing sector on the United States economy over the past several years. Down sizing and the closing of several manufacturing operations have affected our community. These unfortunate circumstances have created an available and highly skilled workforce pool of nearly 800 job-seekers eager to remain in Warren County.

This workforce is skilled in a variety of areas including machine operations, general and skilled labor, utility maintenance, packaging, shipping and receiving, as well as clerical support, customer service, and production management.

Many of these individuals are currently involved in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dislocated worker programs, allowing them to update and upgrade their workplace skills by returning to the classroom. These programs are in the final stages and current participants will be available to reenter the workforce this calendar year.

Employer services are provided through the Warren County CareerLink offices at 4 Market Street (call 814-723-2350). Services available to existing and potential new employers through the CareerLink include:

  • Web-site access and technical assistance, including:
    • Database including thousands of qualified applicants
    • On-Line requirement assistance, direct job order placement via the Internet
    • Unlimited postings of job openings
    • On-site training at the CareerLink facility or the employerÂ’s website
  • Human Resource and Staffing assistance, including:
    • Assistance with A.D.A. requirements, labor law requirements, unemployment compensation requirements, etc.
    • Pre-screening of qualified applicants
    • Interview space
    • Tax Credit information
    • Assistance with job fairs and other recruitment activities
  • Assistance with training needs
    • On-the-Job training for new hires
    • Customized Training for potential workers prior to hire
    • Welfare to Work Employment/Training opportunities

In addition to these services, several programs of employee training are available through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with coordination through the WCCBI.


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