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One of the primary objectives of the Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry is to provide resources and services to the member businesses which make it possible for these businesses to grow and prosper in Warren County.

Some of these Member Benefits include:

  • Inclusion in the Member Directories maintained and distributed by the Chamber to members, prospective new businesses to the area, and visitors seeking goods and services within the community. Links to member Internet sites and electronic communication addresses are provided within the member listing of this site at no charge to the member business.

  • Business expansion and development financing assistance.

  • Marketing of the community to special interest groups from across the country, bringing potential residents to the community.

  • Access to employee benefit programs as Chamber members as well as seminars geared to assist members with the administration of company employee benefit programs.

  • Access to business planning resources.

  • Access to fellow member businesses within the region through social and educational forums.

  • Access to a common voice for the business community of Warren County to local, state, and federal legislators and regulators.

  • Access to information relative to local issues of concern.

  • Referrals from other member businesses and through inquiries received by the Chamber.

  • The ability to be involved in the growth and development of Warren County.

The advantages of Chamber membership are directly connected to the level of involvement of the individual member. Participation opportunities are available to all members at various levels, from serving on the Board of Directors to involvement on committees and task forces. The standing committees of the WCCBI include:

Government Affairs Committee – charged with maintaining awareness of legislative activities and needs as well as providing information relative to the activities to the membership.

Membership Committee – charged with assessing current benefits and the development of programs needed by the business community of Warren County.

Site Committee – Responsible for identifying, preparing, and marketing sites available within Warren County suitable for commercial, retail, and industrial usage.

Marketing Committee – Responsible for developing comprehensive and current marketing materials to promote the activities of the WCCBI and Warren County.


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