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Warren County residents are subject to real estate taxes computed by multiplying the property assessment by the millage rate. The total millage rate includes taxes for the county, the school district, and the local municipality. The average total millage rate for Warren County residents for 2004 is 0.067069. Property is assessed at half the market value.

For example, a house with an $80,000 market value has a property assessment of $40,000. The property assessment times the millage rate is:

40,000 x 0.067069 = $2,682.76
The property owner would owe $2,682.76 in real estate taxes.

Payroll Tax Rates for 2004
Pennsylvania State Tax – 3.07% (.0307)

Local Wage Tax – For residents of the City of Warren – 2.3%. For residents of Watson, Deerfield and Limestone Townships – 0.5% (.005); Youngsville Borough – 2.3%. Residents of all other townships – 1%.

Occupational Privilege Tax – The tax is $5.00 for those employed in Warren County and an additional $5.00 is assessed to those employed in the City of Warren. This is to be deducted by March 31 of each year.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation (PAUC) Employee Withholding – For the year 2004, employers need to withhold .09% (.0009) from all employees on all Pennsylvania wages.


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