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Vision for Leadership Warren County

In this scholarship essay we will discuss the leadership community program. There is an opportunity to buy a scholarship essay on any other topic. A program to foster community leadership by preparing participants to serve as trustees of Warren County in an effort to improve the quality of life and the economic vitality of the region.

The Warren Regional Partnership is concerned with what must be done to engage the entire community to coordinate resources to enhance the quality of life and vitality of Warren County.

The creation and implementation of a grassroots, community-based Leadership Development Program that focuses on community involvement, civic engagement, community-building, cooperation, and collaboration is vital if the area is to grow future generations of leaders.

As Bruce Adams said, "We must recognize we are part of something larger than ourselves."

The purposes of Leadership Warren County are to:

  • Bring caring, community-minded people and resources together to improve the economic vitality and quality of life of Warren and enhance the future of the entire County;

  • Annually develop a diverse group of participants from all segments of community and all regions of the County in an effort to form partnerships;

  • Inspire program participants to engage in the civic life of the region by acquainting them with community resources and assets, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;

  • Arm program participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive impact in community and succeed at home and at work;

  • Show participants how and where they can make a difference;

  • Educate future leaders regarding the history of Warren County, community structures and organizations, and leadership issues;

  • Nurture and cultivate vibrant communities within Warren County;

  • Nurture broad-based engagement for civic and community leadership;

  • Engage professionals, business owners, and managers for greater participation in community affairs, fostering a commitment to trusteeship;

  • Identify and cultivate opportunities for young adults to commit to stewardship and leadership in their community;

  • Educate participants on techniques that will be useful at work, at home, and in their service to the community, such as facilitation, strategic planning, visioning, problem solving, decision making, creativity, team building, listening, speaking, writing, program development/management, grant writing, and conflict resolution;

  • Inform participants on how to run for office and how to serve on boards, commissions, and authorities;

According to John Gardner, We need many, many citizen leadersnot just a handfulat all the various levels and diverse segments of city life&there are never enough.

The program will be comprised of the following five components:

  1. Sector Field Studies or Community Awareness Sessions
  2. Retreats
  3. Executive Skills Development
  4. Books and Readings
  5. Impact Projects

Sector Field Studies involve introducing participants to the various resources and assets of Warren Countybusinesses, human service agencies, health care, the government sector, the banking industry, the justice system, the insurance industry, the education system, the utilities, the media, etc.

Retreats are scheduled to study and discuss overarching issues, to develop skills, and to bond, which is a very important feature of the program.

Executive skills development is an important feature if participants are to make an impact. Sessions will be offered on such topics as strategic planning, program development, grant writing, communications, leadership, cooperation and collaboration, community-building, visioning, etc.

Books and Readings will be selected that deal with leadership and management issues and look at the overall trends affecting communities.

Impact Projects are an important component of the program because they instill the message that this is all about impacting the County in a positive way.


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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead
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Applications will be accepted through July 13th. Directions are included with the application. Download the Application
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