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John E. Eggleston, Chairman, 728-3403

Terry Hawk, Vice-Chairman, 728-3405

John R. Bortz, Jr., Secretary, 728-3404

Commissioners' Meetings first & third Wednesday of each month

Visit the Warren County Local Government on line

Download a copy of the Warren County Officials Handbook

Other Elected Warren County Officials:

CORONER - Jerry Borden
SHERIFF - Larry E. Kopko, 723-7553
PROTHONOTARY - Susan Kosinski, 728-3440
REGISTER AND RECORDER - Lori Bimber, 728-3430
TREASURER - Nancy Siggins, 728-3415
DISTRICT ATTORNEY Ross McKeirnan 728-3460
Neil Himber 728-3447
Linda Carlson 728-3448
Carol Hamilton 728-3446

JURY COMMISSIONERS -Dick Campbell & Donna Brinker

Warren County Courthouse Offices
204 Fourth Avenue

Warren, PA 16365

Adult Probation Director, Carl McKee 728-3528
Court Hearing Officer Shawn Estes 728-3488

District Court Administrator Linda Critzer 728-3531
Human Resources Director Sue Kern 728-3409
Juvenile Probation Chief, Jon Gerarde 728-3500
Public Defender 728-3435
Solicitor, Barry Klenowski
Veterans Affairs Director, Ed Burris 728-3478
Victim Witness Program Jennifer KMeyer 728-3468
Chief Clerk Pam Matve 728-3402
VVoter Registrar Monica Snavley 728-3401
Director of Elections Lisa Zuck 728-3406
Chief Assessor Karen Beardsley 728-3424
Grants Administrator, Lorri Dunlap 726-3861
Planning Director, Daniel Glotz 726-3861
Zoning Officer, Gary Snook 726-3861

Hickory Street Annex Building
333 Hickory Street
Warren PA 16365
Fax: 814/728-5534

Domestic Relations Director, Linda E. Critzer 728-3551

WCDA Building
4 Harmer Street
Warren PA 16365
Fax: 814/723-7895

Emergency Medical Services Director, Sandee Bross 726-2498
Emergency Management Agency Director, Neva Rambish 723-8478

Warren County Human Services
27 Hospital Drive
N. Warren PA 16365
Fax: 814/726-8432

Human Services Director, Mary Kushner, 726-2100
Sue Kern, Human Resources

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John Eggleston
Warren County Commissioner
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Terry Hawk
Warren County Commissioner
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John Bortz, Jr.
Warren County Commissioner
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