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The Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry (WCCBI) serves as the lead Economic, Community and Business development agency for all of Warren County.

We are a membership based organization, deriving in excess of 70% of our operating revenues from the member businesses you find within this site. In addition to these membership investments, the organization realizes revenue from the operation of the Warren County Industrial Complex, a business incubator/multi-tenant facility.

The WCCBI is structured with two operational Divisions. The Economic Development Division holds responsibility for the development and management of all activities associated with solidifying the existing businesses of the community as well as the recruitment of new employer opportunities to the community. The Chamber Operations Division is responsible for providing necessary services to our member businesses, providing networking opportunities to these businesses and developing and administering special events focused upon promoting Warren County and our resident businesses and quality of life.

The Key Areas of Focus for the WCCBI for 2008 and beyond include:

Workforce Development, including specific focus on:

  • Increasing the size of the Warren County workforce through recruitment

  • Developing employer-relevant skills in existing Warren County labor, leading to a more highly skilled workforce.

Employer Retention / Recruitment, including specific focus on:

  • Primarily focused upon the retention and expansion of existing business and industry.

  • Development of resources for the recruitment of new businesses to the community.

Real Estate Development, including specific focus on:

  • Creation and maintenance of a listing of developable sites and enhancing the awareness and use of this resource.

  • Identification of key properties which offer redevelopment opportunities requiring public-sector involvement to stimulate redevelopment potential.

Reposturing of the WCCBI within Warren County, including specific focus on:

  • Redefining the Chamber Operations Division and staff to better align with organizational objectives and to provide clarification of mission to the public.

  • Continuously improve the posture of the organization within the community through improved communications to the community and trusted leadership of economic development initiatives.

Through the coordinated efforts of professional staff and volunteer leaders of the WCCBI, as well as with the cooperation and collaboration of our partnering agencies and municipalities, Warren County is aggressively moving forward in becoming a preferred community in which to live, work and recreate.


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