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The Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry is structured and staffed to provide a wide range of services to both the commercial/industrial and tourist service sectors of the Warren County.

On the business front, the WCCBI provides:

  • Referrals to incoming businesses and to County residents for the products and services offered by our member businesses. Only in the event that a requested product or service is not available through a member business will a referral to a non-member business be provided.
  • Financing assistance to existing and potential business residents of Warren County. This assistance includes coordination of needs and special programs through the Northwest Commission, Governor¬ís Action Team, and the private banking resources of Warren County.
  • Networking opportunities for member business people, providing both relaxed social and structured educational venues for members to become acquainted and to share resources.
  • Coordination of positions on key community issues affecting the stability and growth potential of our member businesses. The WCCBI serves as the single voice of the business community of Warren County to local, state, and federal legislators and regulators.
  • Through our dedicated grant writer, assistance is available to member businesses and organizations for the completion and submission of grants.

On the tourism front, the WCCBI has been successful in highlighting the recreational opportunities and unique natural assets within Warren County through the development and administration of many sanctioned outdoor events. Cabela’s Team Walleye Challenge, the Pennsylvania State Fishing Championship, United States National Championship canoe and kayak events, and the American Power Boat Association Stock Outboard Divisional Championship races bring many tourists/participants and their families to the area. The competitors and their supporters come from across the United States and Canada to our communities, highlighting the exceptional quality of life we enjoy.


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