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Allegheny Musarium

The Allegheny Musarium Association (AMA) of Warren, Pennsylvania has created an ambitious plan to stimulate the economy of our town and county. Its incorporators are determined to succeed in their efforts to attract visitors with an engaging facility hosting natural resource and historical exhibits.

The focus of the aquarium/museum (“Musarium”) will be educational and historical. The AMA will oversee the funding, designing, and building of the Musarium to a size and magnitude that makes it a: “Destination Warren” facility. It will have an aquarium depicting the fresh-water habitat of the river life from the start of the Allegheny River to the Gulf of Mexico. It will also house a museum with depictions of the history of the Seneca Nation and the timber, railroad, and oil industries in life-size exhibits, from pre-historic times to the present. The Musarium will have a Children’s Creative Discovery Building with a Hands on Learning Center, Play Gym, and enrichment programs geared to children from pre-school to teens. There will also be an Atrium Room filled with living plants and butterflies from all sections of the river. For more information about the project, visit the Allegheny Musarium website at http://www.alleghenymusarium.org or email us at .


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